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Rigoberto Lua Stonemason

Rigo was born and raised in the town of Cotija De La Paz in western Mexico. Though not large, Cotija has a rich history, including its historical place as the ceremonial center of the pre-Columbian Tarascan state. Though less well-known, the Tarascan rivaled the Aztecs, building their own "T-shaped," stepped pyramids of ancient stone.

The region's natural environment and long history of stonework made a deep and lasting impression on Rigo, who grew up thinking that every street and every home had a story of its own.

He brought that strong sense of place and its influence on how people live with him when he arrived in the U.S. Rigo began working for a friend in Westchester county, doing general landscaping work. It was there that he began to hear the voice of his childhood. He saw the stories inherent in each setting, inspiring him he'd have to start his own business in order to realize his vision, melding masonry and plantings. He saw the balance of hard and soft, male and female, as his palette to create an environment that enhances the home.

Rigo begins each project by learning about his clients, who they are and how they live. He then taps his own roots, remembering his childhood, built of stone and full of nature, to help them create an environment that profoundly enriches their lives.

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De La Paz' Promise

Rigo Lua and the entire De La Paz team are thoroughly committed to earning your praise. Almost all of our business comes from referrals, and we've been in business for more than 12 years!

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