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transform your property into a natural retreat

De La Paz Masonry provides quality masonry services that will enhance your life. We have over 20 years of experience transforming properties into beautiful paradises and natural retreats throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

Make Your Home a Place of Relaxation, Peace, & Tranquility

Along with a fresh coat of paint, landscaping and a full-on renovation, perhaps nothing enhances the beauty of a home quite like quality masonry. Aesthetically pleasing environments are known to promote calm, tranquility and contentment. Why not bring those much needed emotions to your home? With over 20-years of experience transforming properties, De La Paz Masonry is Westchester and Fairfield Counties’ source for turning a home into a small slice of paradise.

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Let our passion help build your home oasis

Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of your existing space. We then create a custom, world-class design specifically for your project. Our team has the craftsmanship, expertise and experience to handle a full estate, or a small front yard. Regardless of scope, De La Paz will deliver your project on time and on budget!

Beautiful landscaping, eye pleasing pools, envy inducing decks, all these things add value, functionality to your home, not to mention a wonderful place for your family and friends to spend quality time.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We had the pleasure of working with Rigo/De La Paz Masonry and his team for over 4 years. He has transformed our outdoor space. Rigo is fair, honest and talented. His crew is professional and courteous. De La Paz Masonry is particularly skilled at masonry and detail work. Rigo was always available for questions and concerns and we are more than happy to recommend him.”

Meredith Calhoun